Take Away frozen food Menu

                 SOUP OF THE DAY                7      ROAST VEGETARIAN QUICHE (v)       9
                 SEASONAL VEGETABLES (gf)       6      roasted vegetables, eggs, 
                 VEGETARIAN LASAGNE             10     cream and pastry
                 mixed vegetables in a                 HAM AND SPINACH QUICHE            9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
                 Napolitana sauce with pasta           ham, spinach eggs, cream and pastry
                 BEEF LASAGNE                   10     CRUMBED SALMON FISH CAKES         14
                 beef in a bolognaise sauce            red salmon fish cakes with mashed
                 with pasta                            potatoes and steamed vegetables
                 TRADITIONAL BANGERS AND MASH   10     ROAST PORK BELLY (gf,df)          14
                 grilled beef sausages with            roast pork belly, roast potatoes,
                 mashed potato, seasonal               vegetables and gravy
                 vegetables and gravy                  LAMB SHANKS with seasonal veg     15
                 CHILLI CON CARNE WITH          10     DESSERTS
                 BASMATI RICE 
                 beef and beans in a rich sauce        STICKY DATE PUDDING                7.5
                 with a dash of chilli                 traditional date cake with
                 served with rice                      butterscotch sauce (serve hot)
                 CURRIED CHICKEN (gf,df)        10     APPLE CRUMBLE                      7.5
                 chunky pieces of chicken in a         poached apple and cinnamon with a
                 delicious mild curry and              golden brown crumble (serve hot)
                 coconut sauce with rice               CHOCOLATE SPONGE                   7.5
                 BEEF STROGANOFF (gf,df)        14     chocolate sponge with chocolate 
                 beef fillet steak, mushroo            sauce. (best served hot)
                 cream sauce with rice                 MERINGUES WITH CREAM (gf)          7.5
                 SLOW COOKED BEEF (gf)          14     2 crunchy meringues with cream
                 beef slow cooked in a rich            LEMON TART                         7.5
                 red wine sauce with mashed            vesty and creamy
                 potatoes and seasonal veget           SCONES                             7.5
                 FETTUCCINE BOSCIOLA            10     2 of our famous scones with 
                 fettuccini with a white wine,         jam and thick cream
                 ham, mushrooms cream sauce
                 topped with parmesan
                 COTTAGE PIE (gf)               10     FREE DELIVERY on Fridays for orders
                 beef, onions, carrots, celery,        over $40  (local only)
                 cooked in a rich gravy topped         Please place your orders by 10am 
                 with mashed potato                    Friday for guaranteed delivery that
                 CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM CASSEROLE 10     evening.
                 chicken and mushroom slow cooked      phone bookings only 96520475
                 in a tarragon and white wine 
                 sauce with Basmati rice