Breakfast Menu



                            HOMEMADE GRANOLA MUESLI                      15
                            With vanilla yoghurt and fresh fruits
                            EGGS YOUR WAY                                15
                            scrambled, fried or poached with
                            2 pieces of toast
                            COTTAGE BREAKFAST                            24
                            with bacon,eggs,tomato,sausage
                            hashbrown, mushrooms with toast
                            3 EGG OMELETTE                               22
                            with your choice of ham, cheese, tomato
                            mushrooms, spinach with toast
                            PANCAKES                                     18
                            with banana and maple syrup
                            (extra bacon $3.00)
                            CORN FRITTERS                                20
                            with avocado, spinach, cucumber and
                            tomato salsa and labna
                            SMASHED AVOCADO                              18
                            on sourdough with fetta and 1 poached egg
                            TOAST                                        6.5
                            white, wholemeal, or multigrain with
                            homemade marmalade, jam, vegemite or
                            peanut butter
                            EXTRAS                                       4
                            sides of bacon, spinach, mushrooms,
                            hashbrown, avocado