Lunch Menu

                        12noon - 2.30pm
                        Salad and damper roll                  $11.00
                                 with chicken                  $15.00
                                 or ham and cheese             $15.00
                        Bacon and egg roll with BBQ sauce      $10.50
                        Beef lasagne with salad                $20.00
                        Vegetarian lasagne with salad          $18.00
                        Gourmet sausage roll, chips, salad,
                        tomato or BBQ sauce                    $17.00
                        Beer battered fish and chips with
                        homemade tartare sauce and lemon       $19.50
                        Chicken and leek pot pie with
                        seasonal vegetables                    $22.00
                        Slow beef pot pie with
                        seasonal vegetables                    $25.00
                                Side salad                     $ 5.00
                                Side chips                     $ 5.00
                        Bowl chips                             $ 6.50

                        DAILY SPECIALS AVAILABLE