Lunch Menu

                         SALMON FISHCAKES                           28
                         with mash potato, and seasonal vegetables
                         HAM AND SPINACH
                         or VEGETARIAN QUICHE                       19
                         with chips and salad
                         FISH AND CHIPS                             26
                         battered, crumbed or grilled with
                         tartare sauce and lemon
                         COCONUT PRAWNS                             28
                         with salad and chips
                         BURGERS all served with chips              22
                             grilled halloumi with  pickled carrot,
                             cucumber, lettuce and roast capsicum
                             beef with caramalised onion, tomato,
                             beetroot and lettuce
                             Morrocan chicken with slaw, 
                             sriracha mayo
                         SLOW COOKED BEEF PIE                       28
                         with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables
                         GARDEN BOWL                                19
                         roast pumpkin, zucchini, beetroot, cherry
                         tomatoes, avocado, olives, mint with
                         tahini and lemon dressing
                         ADD  Halloumi                               5
                              Chicken                                5
                         TRADITIONAL CAESAR SALAD                    20
                              add chicken $5.00
                         BOWL OF CHIPS                               7